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Aquae Sulis has provided healthcare in Dorset for over 15 years.

We decided to expand our offering to the local community in terms of supporting holistic health.  Richard had run a holistic therapy centre alongside a Chiropractic Practice for many years in his Cornwall Practice. Plus, he knew just the person to help him.  His friend Nell.  Nell had worked as an Occupational Therapist for many years. Now self employed Nell was searching for a project that fitted her personal ethics and beliefs coupled with her extremely high standards.  The timing was right and lockdown provided a perfect opportunity to co create a holistic therapy practice right in the heart of Dorchester.

Our main goal is to lead others to a greater understanding of the body's natural healing ability. We support you back to your rightful state of good health by working with therapists who share our mission.

Whether you want to heal your body, relieve pain or quiet your mind, we know you’ll find the best therapists working from our practice.

Since 2000, the staff at Aquae Sulis Therapy Centre have been known for their expertise and commitment to each and every patient. We are proud of the dedicated following we have built, and look forward to welcoming you to our holistic family!

Reiki Therapy
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