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Our Offerings

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Therapist Development Programs

By making self employment enjoyable and empowering, Aquae Sulis Therapy Centre offers Therapist Development Programs that are uniquely designed for Holistic Therapists.  Our Therapist Development Programs specialise in supporting you to manage the business side of your practice.  You will thank yourself for joining us!

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Aquae Sulis Therapy Centre mentoring allows therapists to develop their clinical practice. The focus is on you integrating your experience, with a special emphasis on creating your individual approach and developing unique aspects of your practice.

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Networking Workshops

Our Workshops are a fantastic way to help you on the path to grow your knowledge base. Join us in learning about holistic approaches for health and understanding other therapies that will bring greater joy and wellness to you and compliment your practice. Want to run a workshop to help others? Get in touch with Nell today!

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