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Ruth Mitchell

Embodied Energetics

Energy Restoration and Regulation

Find out more about Ruth below or contact her on 07941 172112 for more information and to book an appointment.

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All About Ruth Mitchell

Embodied Energetics

Drawn to the Healing Arts from an early age, my natural connection to my intuitive side deeply informs and supports my work. My own background has inspired a strong directive towards my own healing and I have explored many healing modalities over the last 30 years. As well as extensive training in differing modes of energy healing, I have also trained as a Conscious Embodiment Therapist. ‘Energetic Embodiment’ is a synthesis of all that I am.Through this creation I bring together all that I am to be in service to you.


‘Embodied Energetics’ is a subtle alchemy of a combination of techniques including a hands on touch, energy and sound  body treatment, that releases blockages, restores balance and regenerates your energy. Our bodies hold the secrets of our life experience and anything we didn’t know how to deal with, or didn’t have the energy to process, becomes recorded. This can result in making us feel ‘stuck’ - manifesting physically and also in our thought patterns, behaviours and ways of relating to others. By tuning in to your body's own innate wisdom I direct energy where it needs to go, helping you to release deeply held trauma, uncover what you’re not seeing and ground you more deeply into who you truly are. 

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