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Nicki Greenham

Relaxation & Healing

Tuning fork sound therapy sessions are a wonderful way to feel nurtured and supported. Whether you're feeling stressed, anxious, unwell, or just need a bit of pampering, each individual sound session is personalised just for you.

The effects of sound vibrations are well documented. At a molecular level all things in this Universe vibrate at a particular frequency.  We are no exception.  When one thing vibrates other things near it will tune in and start vibrating at the same frequency. With this phenomena of Sympathetic Resonance, when one cell starts vibrating at a healthy frequency the others respond. The frequencies of the tuning forks permeate into every cell reminding our bodies of the optimum frequency for health.  Recent studies have indicated specific frequencies may also speed up wound healing.

Even our emotions are frequencies. We commonly talk of feeling 'low' or 'high'. As we meet challenges in our lives, we often store the emotions that are hard to deal with as energetic vibrations in and around our body's energy field. This may lead to physical symptoms. The specific frequencies of the forks can transmute these stored energies and many clients have reported that these sound sessions have helped them feel lighter, with better physical and emotional wellbeing.

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All About - Steph Thommen

Holographic Kinetics and Development Coach

Steph Thommen is a holistic life coach and certified Holographic Kinetics practitioner whose purpose is to help others understand themselves so they can live more fulfilling lives. Having found her “Why”, she supports others in their own discovery and share this incredible experience. As a holistic coach, she helps you become more conscious of your mindset, habits and limiting beliefs, challenging them, and supporting the building of strategies that turn past adversity into a future advantage. Going beyond coaching, she uses Holographic Kinetics to identify the root cause of repeating patterns and areas of “stuckness” in your life, releasing the energy behind them and creating a new perspective so you can move forwards more freely.

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